Optimizing Content Visibility with ACF: A PHP Approach to Conditionally Displaying Content Based on Field Values

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This PHP code with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to check if a field with the name ‘field_name’ has a value.
<?php if ( get_field( ‘field_name’ ) ): ?>
Code to be executed if ‘field_name’ has a value
<?php else: ?>
Code to be executed if ‘field_name’ does not have a value
<?php endif; ?>
get_field(‘field_name’) is an ACF function that retrieves the value of the specified field (‘field_name’ in this case).
The code inside the first if block (<?php if ( get_field( ‘field_name’ ) ): ?>) will be executed if the field has a value (i.e., it is not empty or evaluates to true).
The code inside the else block (<?php else: ?>) will be executed if the field does not have a value (i.e., it is empty or evaluates to false).
The closing endif; is part of the PHP syntax used in some templating engines to close the if statement.