jQuery Code to Wrap Elements in Clickable Links

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This jQuery code is used to wrap elements with the class “wrap-in-link” in an <a> (anchor) tag with the href attribute set to “example.com/”. This can be useful for creating clickable links around specific elements on a webpage.
// Select elements with the class “wrap-in-link” using jQuery
// Use the wrap() function to wrap the selected elements with the specified HTML content
.wrap(“<a href=’example.com/’></a>”);
After executing this code, the HTML structure would be modified, and each element with the class “wrap-in-link” would be enclosed within an anchor tag like this:
<a href=’example.com/’>
Original content with the class “wrap-in-link”
<div class=”wrap-in-link”>
… content …
Make sure to include the jQuery library before using this code, as jQuery functions depend on it.