Dynamically Adding Indexed Classes to Elements in Jquery

using jQuery to add a class to elements with the class “multiple-items-with-same-class”. The addClass method in jQuery allows you to add one or more class names to the matched elements.
In this code snippet, using the addClass method along with a callback function. The callback function takes an index parameter, which represents the index of the current element within the set of matched elements.
For each element with the class “multiple-items-with-same-class”, the callback function generates a new class name based on the index and adds it to the element. The new class name is formed by concatenating “item-” with the index.
$( “.multiple-items-with-same-class” ).addClass(function(index) {
return “item-” + index;
.multiple-items-with-same-class“: Selector for elements with the specified class.
.addClass(function(index) { return “item-” + index; });“: Adds a class to each element based on the index.
For example, if you have three elements with the class “multiple-items-with-same-class”, this code will add the classes “item-0”, “item-1”, and “item-2” to these elements, respectively.
Make sure you have included the jQuery library in your project for this code to work.