Sorting and Reversing Characters in javascript Array

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In this JavaScript tutorial, we’ll explore how to manipulate arrays containing characters by sorting and reversing their elements.


// Define an array called charc with elements "A", "C", "B", and "D".
var charc = ["A", "C", "B", "D"];

// Print the original array to the console.
console.log("Original Array:", charc);

// Sort the array elements in lexicographical (alphabetical) order.

// Print the sorted array to the console.
console.log("Sorted Array:", charc);

// Reverse the order of the array elements. charc.reverse(); // Print the reversed array to the console.
console.log("Reversed Array:", charc);



Original Array: ["A", "C", "B", "D"]
Sorted Array: ["A", "B", "C", "D"]
Reversed Array: ["D", "C", "B", "A"]