for loop filtering in javascript

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This JavaScript code defines an array of products and filters out only the ones with the type ‘Fruites’. The filtered products are then logged to the console. Here’s a breakdown of the code:
// Array of products
var products = [
{name: 'Cucumber', type: 'Vegitable'},
{name: 'Chilli', type: 'Vegitable'},
{name: 'Orange', type: 'Fruites'},
{name: 'Mango', type: 'Fruites'},
// Empty array to store filtered products
var filteredProducts = [];
// Loop through each product in the 'products' array
for (var i = 0; i < products.length; i++) {
// Check if the current product's type is 'Fruites'
if (products[i].type === 'Fruites') {
// If true, push the product to the 'filteredProducts' array
// Log the filtered products to the console
After executing this code, the console will display an array containing only the products with the type ‘Fruites’. In this case, the output will be:
{name: 'Orange', type: 'Fruites'},
{name: 'Mango', type: 'Fruites'},